Shareholder Forum Delivers Validated Shareholder Feedback

Transform your annual meeting of shareholders by applying social media technology to your proxy process. The Shareholder Forum powered by Broadridge is an online venue where validated shareholders submit questions,

vote and answer surveys in preparation of the annual meeting or, engage your shareholders year round. This improves the proxy process and transforms your annual meeting by instantly delivering shareholder input, perspectives, and ideas. As a result, your executive management team and board of directors receive important feedback, in advance of the meeting, with no disruption to your existing process.

How Does a Shareholder Forum Work?  The Shareholder Forum provides corporate issuers with the ability to sponsor their own unique online forum which is integrated directly into existing Broadridge technology including  ProxyVote® and ProxyEdge®.

Not Just Another Unfiltered On-line Message Board
Corporate issuers are assured that forum access is secure and participation is limited to “validated” registered, employee or beneficial shareholders.

What are the Benefits to Issuers and Shareholders?

  • Saves time and effort while limiting internal disruption
  • Improves the issuer’s investor outreach efforts by increasing the volume and type of shareholders involved, including retail shareholders
  • Enables executive management and board of directors to communicate online and deliver customized messaging to validated investors
  • Provides the executive management team and board of directors with investor feedback through a secure online meeting space
  • Enhances the shareholder’s ability to communicate directly with the issuer
  • Generates higher levels of shareholder interaction, engagement and understanding
  • Enriches the investor experience by offering interactive tools (e.g., surveys and commentary) to express opinions and share perspective and ideas